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Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
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SC82 - Survival, Large Candle Can Refill
Price: $32.00
SC82 - Survival, Large Candle Can Refill
Replacement beeswax puck for the SC72 Large Candle in a Can.

For the serious outdoor person. This 4 wick candle provides enough heat and light to fill a room, trailer, tent, or ice fishing hut. This large candle in a can cooks too! A must for any outdoor activity and emergency survival kit.

6.5" diameter x 3.5" high.
Product Information

Bee Works Outdoor Candles Outdoor Candle Group

Providing Light, Heat and the ability to Cook, in any outdoor activity or emergency situation.

Low environmental impact with a small carbon footprint.
Safe and easy to use. Compact and functional.

The World's Finest Survival Candles

Outdoor Camping CandlesBeeswax burns hotter and many times longer than paraffin and other emergency fuels. Ideal for cars, boats, planes, cottages, patios. Essential for hikers, campers, sportsmen, scouts, travelers, etc.

Beeswax is a pure, natural fuel which is safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic. The Outdoor Survival Candles can be used for light, heat and cooking.

No home, cottage, fishing hut, vehicle, boat, backpack or recreational vehicle should be without one.

It's a fantastic little cook stove. Zaps pesky bugs and mosquitoes too. Casts a warm, golden, halo light.

Each Life Lite comes with strike-anywhere matches, metal cooking irons to hold a pan above the flame and instructions. Caution: Always use heat resistant, preferably metal, cooking pans over an open flame as non-resistant utensils may crack or explode.

Large SC72 The ideal home unit. This 4 wick model seriously heats a small room, trailer or tent! This large candle in a can really cooks too! Fries eggs, boils water, cooks pasta, vegetables, grains and meats. A must for the ice fisherman or outdoor enthusiast.

the small and medium sizes (SC70 & SC71) are ideal for all mobile purposes requiring light, warmth and the heating of water or food. The medium size candle (SC71) in a can is efficient and cost effective for keeping in a car, truck, plane, boat or travel kit, although the small candle (SC70) is better for backpacking.

Discontinued - Pocket Light, Pocket Light Refill and Pocket Light Enviro Pack